We believe that the integration
between different domains when combined with extensive expertise leads to the best results

Arbus, Kedem, Tzur law firm of combines the provision of service in various legal domains with extensive knowledge in many different fields of expertise.

We believe that integration and broad understanding of various legal domains can lead to better legal outcomes.

As partners with an extensive activity background in the fields of business, arbitration, non-profit organizations, Torah law, etc., we understand our clients in depth and succeed in creating a professional and dedicated legal solution that brings a clear economic value to our customers.

We established our law firm in Jerusalem, an office characterized by creativity, professionalism and striving for the maximum success of our clients. The firm provides legal counsel and representation to corporations, insurance claims, representation in Torah law, real estate law and real estate transactions, property damages, administrative claims, petitions and proceedings, criminal law and Judea and Samaria law.

Our lawyers team