Areas of Practice

The Rom, Arbus, Kedem, Tzur law firm specializes in providing legal solutions, legal counsel and legal support to clients in a variety of fields.
Each of the partners in the firm heads a field in which he specializes and together with him, the staff provides a professional and comprehensive solution.

Commercial Business Litigation

Representation in court and arbitration in common law and contractual obligations law. We represent companies, businesses and private individuals as claimants or defendants in these areas in the various courts.
Our firm specializes in managing complex claims from a creative legal point of view.
Adv. Aryeh Arbus, who heads the firm’s commercial litigation field, has extensive knowledge in the various fields of law that are relevant to this field, and believes that creative thinking is the factor that ultimately leads to success in complex claims.
The other lawyers involved in this field are: Adv. Gavriel Jamal,

Torts and insurance

Medical malpractice, road traffic accidents law, personal injury at home or at work and property damage, Life insurance claims, health, pension and nursing care are legal situations that usually catch any person in a bad time. The personal difficulty is compounded by a complex and demanding legal issue.
Our firm provides legal services in various insurance claims and tort claims in the most professional and sensitive manner. In these proceedings, the firm’s staff is assisted by first-rate physicians, appraisers, researchers and other professionals which are carefully selected and suit the values of the firm. Our firm successfully managed and is managing precedent-setting cases in these areas.
Adv. Barak Kedem, who heads the field of torts and insurance and has been involved in these areas for years, provides legal counsel and support to the firm’s clients.
The other lawyers involved in this field:
Adv. Zuriel Polak, Adv. Oded Aviel, Adv. Meiraz Stahl-Mishnayot, Adv. Noam Gordon

Legal support on real estate transactions

The realm of real property transactions is a diverse world that requires an in-depth knowledge and creative thinking, with the goal of maximizing economic benefits for the client, including legal advice and representation for private clients in purchasing from a contractor or in second hand transactions, support and representation of entrepreneurs and contractors, including Banking support; Support of purchasers’ groups and various organizations in the field; NOP (National Outline Plan) 38, Urban renewal programs (reconstruction), real estate taxation, partner transactions and parcellation.
Adv. David Tzur heads the firm’s real estate field and is involved in legal support, legal counsel and representation in the various types of transactions, based on the belief that the law is ultimately intended to serve the economic transaction and therefore requires a thorough understanding of the economic transaction in order to tailor the best legal suit.
Adv. Raphael Perez has over 20 years of experience in the real estate field and has accompanied numerous projects throughout the country.
Specializes in accompanying foreign residents.

Corporations and labor law

The need of owners of commercial businesses for legal advice applies from the establishment of the business and at all stages of activity, in a wide variety of proceedings, in inter-firm commercial business relationships and in relations with their employees, customers and suppliers. Our firm specializes in legal advice to businesses including: labor law advice, partnership agreements, and proper delineation of corporate governance objectives.
Adv. David Tzur heads this field and coordinates the service that our firm provides to its clients, based on the belief that proper building of the corporation’s legal basis and assimilation of the relevant legal knowledge in the corporation’s work procedures will maximize the corporation’s goals.
The other lawyers involved in this field:

Adv. Aryeh Arbus, Adv. Tova Cohen – Labor Law and Nonprofit Organizations.

Representation in arbitrations according to Torah (religious) law

The realm of Jewish law – a field that has been gaining momentum in recent years – requires specialization in and of itself. Representation in arbitrations held in front of rabbinical court judges requires a thorough knowledge of the world of Jewish law, along with familiarity with the world of civil law.
This field is unique to our firm, which is characterized by a team of lawyers with Torah knowledge and extensive experience in representation before orthodox and national religious courts.
Advocate Barak Kedem, who heads the field of representation in arbitration according to the law of Torah, is a graduate of the Beit Midrash for Litigation, excelled in the rabbinical court’s rabbinical examinations, and serves as a judge and as a representative in arbitration under Torah law.
The other lawyers involved in this field:
Adv. Aryeh Arbus, Adv. Tsuriel Polak, Adv. Rabbi Netanel Oved.

Laws of Judea and Samaria

In the districts of Judea and Samaria, the Ottoman, Jordanian, military legislation and parts of Israeli law are intertwined. This fact requires unique competence with this domain when performing any legal action relating to this area.
The ability to represent and advise on legal matters related to Judea and Samaria requires a thorough familiarity with this field, familiarity with the legal world in the region as well as familiarity with the rules of public and private international law.
Our firm is one of the few law firms specializing in Judea and Samaria. It represents both in the legal disputes between the individual and the local authorities in these regions as well as in the relations between private individuals.
Adv. Aryeh Arbus, who heads this field, specializes in law in Judea and Samaria and is a legal advocate for both private individuals and public authorities, and has experience in this field before the High Court of Justice, the Court for Local Affairs in the Judea and Samaria Area and the Civil Administration.
The other lawyers involved in this field:
Adv. Gavriel Jamal

Administrative Law

Dealing with public authorities is a legal field that requires a thorough familiarity with the regulations of the administrative law, as well as a genuine desire to protect the individual from the acts and actions of the authorities. Petitions to the High Court of Justice, to the administrative courts and other administrative procedures are managed by the firm’s staff with professionalism and dedication until reaching the best result.
Adv. Arie Arbus, who has experience in representation in administrative proceedings and extensive knowledge in the field of administrative law, heads the field of administrative law and offers our clients guidance, support and representation until the goal is achieved.
The other lawyers involved in this field:

אייקון משפחה

Family law

Family law is a complex and comprehensive field that includes divorce claims, custody and visit arrangements, alimony, property division, financial agreements, home peace suits, paternity suits, domestic violence, succession of wills and estates. In many aspects of family law, Israeli law applied the Jewish religious law. Therefore, a deep familiarity with religious law is very helpful both in family courts and in rabbinical courts.
The Israeli law applied in many aspects of family law the Jewish religious law. Therefore, a deep familiarity with religious law is very helpful both in family courts and in rabbinical courts.
Advocate Rabbi Netanel Oved, head of the family law department of the firm, has a deep knowledge of family law from the legal perspective as an attorney who represents for many years in the courts and in religious tribunals, and from the halachic-religious perspective, by virtue of his ordination by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel as a community rabbi and the support he gives to families in his community. This in-depth familiarity with family laws from their different angles is an important advantage in the litigation between the parties.
Adv. Rabbi Netanel Oved sees great importance in respectful, sympathetic and empathic behavior towards the client and his family in their difficult times, and provides the client with supportive and sensitive accompaniment in all legal proceedings.
The other lawyers involved in this field:
Adv. Raphael Peretz – inheritances and wills